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Snowy Owl Consulting consists of a group of full-time and part-time developers, administrators, managers, graphic artists, and security specialists. Because of our extensive network of contacts developed over the years if we can't help you ourselves we probably can find someone else who can help you.

If we can't help you we'll say so. If we're not sure, then we'll tell you that too.


Our Team

Dan Coutu The founder of Snowy Owl has been doing software development for over twenty eight years. His experience covers a broad variety of projects on a variety of operating systems with busi responsibilities including those of the CTO of an e-commerce company. He has been using the internet since 1981, before it was even known as the internet! One of the early adopters of the web Dan has developed numerous commercial web sites for companies such as Digital Equipment Corp., Trade Show Central, and Kodak. He led the team that conducted the internet's very first commercial videocast (of the first DECUS Convention to have Linus Torvalds speak.)

Dan has become internationally recognized as an expert in e-commerce. His efforts have improved or established the e-commerce capabilities of companies like, Houghton-Mifflin, Hasbro, Random House, Orange Ltd., Lycos, MacNeil Specialty Products, BankBoston, SureFire Commerce, and over 1100 others. He has worked with businesses spread across the globe including the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Morocco, Australia, and China.

Dan's innovative ways of finding out how to make software do what you need when the vendors swear that it can't be done have earned him the gratitude of a large number of businesses. And always his solutions maintain the integrity of the original product so that it is fully supported by the vendor. You won't have to worry about seeing your support contract get voided as you may have experienced with the help provided by others.

Jon Alberghini Jon does software development work using .Net and PHP with a wide variety of databases. An expert in database driven web sites he has been the creator of sites for businesses such as and
HollyAnn Carbino HollyAnn Carbino, ACB CL, is self-taught in web design for both the Internet and commercial Intranets, specializing in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and DHTML. Her target web design markets include those utilizing (or wanting to utilize) Joomla!, WordPress, Ruby on Rails (with or without Spree), and Magento. She has been involved in all forms of graphic design and technical writing and has created specialty items such as corporate looks packages, qualifications summaries, bank annual reports, books and inserts for State and Federal government agencies, advertising and marketing pieces, and greeting cards.
Ted Roche The principal of Ted Roche and Associates brings a wealth of experience and expertise with him. His ability to span from software architecture to code development to system administration is outstanding. His knowledge of a wide range of technologies makes him an asset to any project. He brings expertise in PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, and databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Foxpro to your project.
Tony DiGregorio Tony is a UNIX/Linux system administrator extraordinaire. He doesn't just keep the systems running, he makes them better. Tony loves to create new administrative tools and ways to make it easier to run the systems as securely and solidly as possible. He uses Perl and PHP to weave his magic on a wide variety of systems.
Dawn Coutu Dawn is a professional writer, editor, and marketing specialist. She brings clarity to your communications and effectiveness to your marketing materials and promotions.

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